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    • 2015年4月最新版康明斯校准数据标定盘CUMMINS INCAL
    • 发布时间:2015-04-22 22:58 | 作者:零零六 | 来源:www.jncxjtss.com | 浏览:1200 次
    • 2015年4月最新版康明斯校准数据标定盘CUMMINS INCAL

      2DVD 约11.7G 注:此商品仅为标定数据盘,不包含Cummins Insite软件

      Cummins INcal 2015年4月康明斯标定光盘

      What is INCAL?

      The INCAL is a set of 4 cds which contain the latest revision of ECM Calibrations. They are released and sent out monthly to INCAL Subscribers. Please contact your Cummins distributor for more information.

      ECM Calibration History

      In cal cd's are Cummins ecm calibration files cd's, comes in a set of four cd. One a customer wants to upgrade horse power with in the same engine cpl or range, thru insite or with insite pro program and calibration password he is able to calibrate an ecm that has an existent or previous calibration in
      it. Let say I have a Cummins engine N14 cpl 1574 370 horse power thru insite pro with calibration files(in cal cd's) I superseded or find for cpl 1574 the higher horse power available in the in cal cd's and reprogram ecm with it, using one calibration password count and the proper Cummins inline 5
      adapter. Cd one may be for ism or isx, cd 3 may be for N14 or M11, and so on.



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